The Shape of things to come…

September 28 2013

" First off, let me just say that I LOVE my new website "

The Shape of things to come…

Hopefully if you’re reading this then you’ve liked it enough to stick around too. I’m really proud of it and think it does a great job of reflecting what Silver Sixpence is all about – helping brides to finish their wedding day look with accessories that are beautiful, feminine and entirely personal to them. Big tick in the box there.

The website was designed and built by the lovely Andy at MadeByShape. Andy, along with his colleagues, made the whole process of getting this website up and running both lots of fun and remarkably simple (for me, maybe not for them), considering what a technophobe I am.  Visits to the Shape offices always involved a lot more laughter than you would expect building a website to entail, due in no small part to the boys’ bizarre obsession with eating tinned mackerel (don’t ask, no idea).

Despite collectively looking and dressing like a bunch of eager students, Andy and his colleagues completely know their stuff and got what we were about and what we wanted to achieve right from the off. The site showcases all the lovely product imagery, from the fantastic photographers Katy Lunsford and Lucy G, to its absolute best advantage. And now you can shop directly from the site too, making the whole process super quick and easy for everyone – what more could I ask!

My friend and PR lady Rosie and I made several visits to see Andy in an attempt to learn how to update the site ourselves. We thought we’d cottoned on fairly quickly for a pair of total Luddites but Andy later informed us that it had taken longer to teach us how to use the Content Management System than anyone else he’d worked with. Ever. And even then we hadn’t really got it. So you might have to excuse the odd Gremlin in the site as we get to grips with how to do things but, thankfully, the product design and creation doesn’t include anything even slightly technical so all will be fine!

Massive thanks to Andy for all his expertise, help and patience. – I really can’t recommend the team at MadeByShape highly enough. Though don’t work with them if you get thirsty quickly - we’re still waiting for that cup of tea we were promised the last time we came round…

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