June 24 2015

" Our Spotlight this month is on our beautiful Florrie headband and the story behind this key piece from our range. "

Florrie began life as a small one off piece of lace bought from a french lace seller online. It sat in a box for a year before being beaded and ribboned and turned into a one off boho headband. Back then most of our pieces were complete one offs. It sounds terrible to say but as the Blush collection was launched both online and at the wedding fairs in January of 2012, people went nuts for Florrie and she became the bain of our lives here at Silver Sixpence headquarters! Press kept requesting this piece and query after query came through from brides asking for the exact same piece as the original. Sadly it just wasn't possible! Luckily we managed to satisfy all our lovely brides to be for about the next 2 years of sales by painstakingly sourcing individual laces that matched the original sample as close as possible.The time and effort to do this and the time spent contacting our brides with options, making sure everything was just as they hoped was long but worth it for the happy emails we got in return. You can see some of these special pieces and lovely ladies below.

We really do love the sourcing process, it’s one of our favourite bits of the job and one of our strong points as a business. But it was getting tricky! Over the years we have even attended a lacemaking course to try to learn to make the lace motif ourselves. It was fantastic to learn a bit about the true art of lace making but it turns out she isn’t even lace, but a special and intricate technique called tatting. Hence the slightly corded look of the piece. And of course to make life difficult, on further investigation we discovered tatting is a bit of a dying art ( though we would love to hear from any tatting fans or do-ers out there who would disagree on this )

2015 arrived and Florrie is still as popular as ever. Thankfully we have finally found a source for our gorgeous motif! Joy of joys! A lovely and very talented lady can make handmake ( of course) these for us so Florrie can be enjoyed in Ivory or Teastain over and over again just as you see her online we may even develop a few new colours this year….rose gold anyone? Yum!

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