Beautiful Ideas for your ‘Something Blue’ Wedding Tradition

January 03 2018

" Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. It’s one of the most well-known wedding traditions out there, so today we’re looking at some wonderful ways you can include ‘Something Blue’ into your special day. From garters to gowns, we’ve got it covered… "

You may be bold enough to don a delicate blue gown, but we suspect the majority of brides will be swooning over the thought of a traditional white dress. Which is absolutely fine, as there are heaps of ways to include your ‘Something Blue’ into your aisle style. A simple blue sash or ribbon tied around your waist will look seriously elegant and it’ll define your waist too. It also adds a subtle touch of colour to your bridal outfit.

One of my favourite ‘Something Blue’ wedding traditions is to sew a small blue heart on the inside of your wedding dress. Cut out a heart shape from a loved one’s shirt or dress – that way, they’ll be there with you as you’re walking down the aisle. You could also sew the date of your wedding in blue thread on the inside of your dress – so special!

Perhaps you adore the thought of a pair of blue wedding shoes peeping out from underneath your gown. This idea is particularly perfect if you’re going to be rocking a tea-length or short wedding dress, as you get to show them off!

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A blue garter is the perfect choice for your ‘Something Blue’ and you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to our Lauren, Brigitte and Loulou garters. You could also wear some pretty blue wedding lingerie as part of your ‘Something Blue’.

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Let’s move onto your jewellery. A blue Sapphire or Aquamarine wedding ring is a beautiful ‘Something Blue’ to incorporate into your wedding day. You could display it in a velvet blue ring box or blue lace ring cushion. Alternatively, a delicate blue bracelet could be a wonderful way to accessorise your gown. Why not borrow a piece of blue jewellery from your mother or sister and make it your ‘Something Borrowed’ too?

If you’re a bohemian bride-to-be, consider wearing a pretty blue flower crown as part of your ‘Something Blue’. It’s perfect for a Spring or Summer soiree and it’s an incredibly unique way of using this wedding tradition.  Finish off your bridal outfit with a chic blue manicure or pedicure. You’ll feel preened and polished while effortlessly channelling your ‘Something Blue’ into your wedding style.

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There are a handful of different ways to incorporate your ‘Something Blue’ into your wedding bouquet, so let’s get started. A simple silk blue ribbon tied around the stems of your bouquet will look beautiful – you could even match it to the ribbon tied around your waist. Why not tie a vintage blue handkerchief around your wedding flowers? You could ask a loved one to sew your initials on it for an extra special touch.

Add a good luck charm to your bouquet with our Lauren Vintage Horseshoe. It will look stunning alongside your blooms, and it can be passed down through the generations as a keepsake. It also goes perfectly with our Lauren Garter.

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Get your groom involved and handwrite your vows in blue ink. This is much more romantic than typing them up on a computer, and it can be your little secret between each other as you read them out.

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