Make your own vintage-style headpiece

March 03 2019

" Whether you are a guest, the Mother of the Bride, a bridesmaid or even the bride herself - you want to ensure that on the day of the wedding you look your best. You probably know what you are wearing, so maybe now you are thinking about how to style your hair, or what headpiece to go for..."

Why go to a big department store and buy a vintage-style headpiece and risk someone else wearing exactly the same piece, when really it is quite straightforward to make a simple yet very effective and pretty headpiece yourself at home.

I am here to guide you through the whole process. If you have any questions, just get in touch with me here  and ask me directly. 

What you are going to need:


In addition you will need:

  • Scissors
  • Fabric glue (optional)
  • A stitch un-picker, just in case!


Step 1 – sourcing materials and planning

Some bits you will already have, and others you will need to go out and buy. As you collect items you should get a feel for the type of thing you are going to create. Obviously if you have your item of clothing that you are planning to wear already you will want to start with that as your inspiration, with regard to colours and materials you want to look for.

Source your base, clip, needle and thread, scissors glue, feathers and unpicker from craft shops or online – see links above. Or buy direct from me as a full kit right here 

For embellishment, have a look through your (and your mum’s / gran’s / best friend’s) jewelry boxes to find any lovely odd earrings, necklace pendants that you no longer wear, or old brooches. These all make great unique embellishments.

Get your vintage fabrics from old pieces of clothes, either from your wardrobe or try vintage shops and flea markets. It takes a while to source the right bits, but if you frequent such places, you could learn to always keep an eye out. Of course you could get scraps from fabric shops too.

Lay out all your bits and bobs in front of you, see picture, below. At the start, it’s good idea to have a loose plan for where you are heading with your headpiece. Here are a few suggestions, but feel free to do what you want; after all, it’s your unique piece.

Step 2 – make the base

Position your croc clip on the back of the sinamay base and sew securely as demonstrated (below) from back to front of the base. This is so all stitching will be hidden on the inside. Knot securely. This can also be done right at the end if you prefer but bear in mind you may have things to navigate round by then

Step 3 – decorate

Now comes the fun part - decorating your design! Here are a few suggestions to inspire you.




You can bow or gather your Russian veiling as shown. This is a really simple but really effective idea to add height to your headpiece.


To make a cute bow from your pre-cut fabrics, fold inwards, pinch in the middle and secure by sewing. Easy peasy!




If you have a feather, try curling it into circular shape as demonstrated in the picture below. Wrap with a piece of thread at the base and knot tightly to secure. Another interesting way to play with feathers is to layer them on top of each other to create texture.










Take your pre-made bow and play about with positioning it on your base. I find they always look best when arranged at an angle or at least off-centre.



Step 4 - embellish

Now we are going to embellish with buttons, jewels, gems, vintage earrings, bits of jewellery – all the really gorgeous bits for you magpies out there! The next few images show variations on how to use your embellishments. Use them to make the headpiece really personal to you!

If you have any old vintage earrings with the backs removed, you will need to sew through the holes on the back of these as shown.



Time for some finishing touches! When decorating your headpiece with tiny beads or sequins be really careful when using fabric glue. A good tip is to try using an ear bud to apply the glue.





Step 5 - wear!

Apply your favourite lipstick, style your hair and start wearing your fabulous, unique headpiece!



Don’t forget to post me a pic on my instagram, I can’t wait to see what you’ve all created!




If you want to make your own headpiece but haven’t got the time to get all the bits and pieces together, then you may like to check out my “Made By You” home kits, which cater for all levels of sewers.



These kits are for everyone - for those of you who learnt your tips and tricks from your Nanas, to those who experience utter frustration when trying to thread a needle, we’ve all been there! Each cute craft box is individually made using an array of vintage fabrics in different colour ways and textures. Each home-kit also contains a selection of hand-picked gems that you can use to glam up your head piece. >> Order one now

Silver Sixpence in Her Shoe also offers bespoke handmade headpieces, made to order for brides and guests too – also why not have a look at my handmade collection? And don’t forget my vintage horseshoes and handmade garters too.

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