1920s Great Gatsby Wedding Inspiration

September 30 2016

" We adore a roaring 1920s wedding theme here at Silver Sixpence in her Shoe, and we love the thought of channelling a Great Gatsby style into your big day. So let’s take a look at how to recreate the glamorous era through your bridal outfit, wedding décor and much more…"

The 1920s were a time of ultra glam outfits with an abundance of stunning accessories, so you want to incorporate this into your aisle style. Beautiful embellished gowns with dropped waists and fringing are definitely the way forward. Opt for Art Deco inspired bridal shoes – there are so many gorgeous vintage designs to choose from.

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And for your accessories? We have tons of bridal headwear that’ll help complete your Great Gatsby gown. Our Sienna Beaded Forehead Headband is the perfect match for this wedding theme, with its beautiful rose gold centre and vintage lace flowers it’s made for a vintage wedding. Alternatively, our Fern Double Leaf Hair Vine will look equally wonderful for a 1920s wedding – the two lace flowers are joined by a strand of seed pearls and it’s truly beautiful. Pearls were seen in abundance during the 1920s, so finish your look with lots of pearl jewellery including earrings and necklaces – perfection!

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Your bridesmaids will look divine in a variety of metallic embellished gowns. Mix and match each gown for a fun take on traditional dresses, this way you can make sure your ladies feel extra comfortable. The Great Gatsby era was all about luxurious fashion, so you want to reflect this through the bridesmaid dresses.

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For your colour scheme, gold is an absolute must-have! You can accompany this glamorous metallic shade with black for a Great Gatsby wedding theme but navy and purple works just as beautifully. Black and gold Art Deco stationery is a fab way to start the wedding planning, and your guests will instantly know that there is a party to be had. Include a lot of fabulous Great Gatsby signs throughout your wedding day too – maybe include your favourite romantic quotes from the book and place them around your wedding venue.

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You can have some real fun with your wedding food and drinks too. 1920s inspired cocktails are an absolute must-have – champagne towers, vintage decanters and martinis will really help to set the scene. Speak to your wedding cake designer about your theme and they’ll be able to create a wonderful Art Deco design that will look too good to eat. Anything with black and gold icing will fit in flawlessly with your stylish special day.


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A Great Gatsby wedding theme is completely glamorous, fun and vibrant – you really can’t go wrong. Your wedding day is guaranteed to be classy and luxurious and it’s one your guests won’t forget.

Beautiful Autumn Bridal Make-Up

September 15 2016

" Summer is long gone and September is now in full swing, which means only one thing: Autumn is on the way! Which is why today we’re talking about gorgeous Autumnal bridal make-up."

When I think of Autumn I think of warm brown shades, rich berry tones and dusty oranges, and I think these particular shades work beautifully for wedding make-up. You can create a wonderfully dramatic bridal look or something subtle and natural. Take a peek at our Autumn bridal make-up ideas…

Beautiful Berry

Autumn is a fab excuse to pull off a statement lip – but one with a twist! Although you may love a bold red lipstick, why not consider something with hints of plum or blackcurrant? A dark berry lip is the perfect way to reflect the season, and it’ll look seriously romantic. Berry lipsticks are on trend this year and it’s so easy to find a shade that matches your skin tone perfectly. You can also go down any route with your eye-make up – why not opt for dusty rose eyeshadow to compliment your lipstick, rather than to overpower it! Our Persephone Vintage Birdcage Veil looks fab teamed with a statement lipstick – all you need now is a sophisticated flick of eyeliner.

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Smoky Eyes

Dark, smoky eye make-up is perfect for an Autumn or Winter wedding. Blend grey and black together for a dramatic aisle style – you’re guaranteed to turn heads. If you want something slightly more understated, use an assortment of brown, cream and gold eyeshadow. Keep your lipstick understated so that your eye-make up makes the statement. Looking to ‘wow’ as you walk down the aisle? Then check out our Skye Lace Hair Vine – the vintage lace motif is oh so elegant, and is made for this bridal make-up look!

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Go Golden

While sparkly silver is perfect for a Winter wedding, gold is simply made for Autumn. Opt for for a variety of golden eyeshadow including champagne gold and even rose gold! Compliment with a few dashes of highlighter along your cheekbones and under your eyebrow – you’ll be glowing as you make your way down the aisle! Golden shades are bound to make you feel luxurious, and our Rose Gold Sienna Headband is the perfect finishing touch. This look is made for the glamorous bride-to-be!

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Autumnal Orange

Orange may not be the first colour that comes to mind when you think of bridal make-up, but it can work beautifully if you get it right. Blend warm orange eyeshadow with a dark brown shade – the combination of colours will really make your eyes stand out. Finish the look off with nude brown lips and a dash of peach-toned blusher. The Margaux Rose Gold Horseshoe has delicate cream and rose gold accents that will look fab in your wedding bouquet – and it’s the perfect match for this make-up style! Opt for rich red and orange wedding blooms.

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Keep It Natural

It’s important that you look and feel like ‘YOU’ on your wedding day, so if you usually keep your make-up understated it’s best to keep it that way on your wedding day. A few lashings of mascara and a subtle rose red lip will look beautiful. Highlight your cheekbones with berry blusher for a healthy, fresh-faced look. This bridal make-up style is simple but still works perfectly for this season. You can never go wrong with natural nude shades! Looking for something sparkly for your hair that is also subtle? Our Louisa Hair Comb adds just a touch of glimmer, which will work wonderfully if you’ve opted for an minimalist bridal style.

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There are so many different ways to create an Autumnal aisle style, and there is a make-up look to suit every bride.


September 06 2016

" If you thought finding the perfect wedding dress was difficult, think again! Choosing dresses and accessories for your bridesmaids can be an extremely tricky task. But luckily for you, we’re here to make it a whole lot easier.  You and your girls are bound to love our five different styles – and they’ll look gorgeous on any girl! From rose gold to boho bridesmaids, we’ve got a look that will suit your ladies…"

Rose Gold

Rose gold is still a hot trend in the world of weddings, and it seems brides and their maids just can’t get enough of this chic metallic shade. It’s feminine, modern and oh-so pretty! So why not use it as the main colour for your bridesmaid dresses? Long dresses will look ultra glam, while shorter gowns are gorgeous. And for your accessories? Our Sally Silver Leaf Headband has delicate rose gold accents that will add a dash of luxe to any aisle style. Your bridesmaids can wear their hair in an up-do, or down in loose waves. This headband suits any style, so your girls will be spoilt for choice.

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Chic Silver

Silver or grey gowns are such a sophisticated option for your bridesmaids. Although it was once overlooked as a wedding theme, grey colour palettes are becoming seriously sought-after in 2016. Compliment a shimmering silver gown with our beautiful Olivia Leaf Hair Pins in ivory and silver. They add a subtle sparkle and suit any hairstyle, but they look divine with a bridesmaid up-do!

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Flower Power

Who doesn’t love a gorgeous flower crown? Especially at a Summer wedding! The Ali Statement Flower Hair Vine is the perfect choice for your girls, as the ivory floral detailing goes with any colour. I think this would look particularly beautiful with cream, white or nude style gowns. Opt for botanical white and green bouquets to complete the look.

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Pretty in Pink

Pink is one of the most popular shades for bridesmaid dresses, and it’s a lovely choice for a country garden or vintage wedding theme. Speaking of vintage – have you seen our Delphine Flower Headpiece? The pale pink millinery leaves and vintage jewellery detailing is just made for pretty pink gowns. Pink and silver go hand-in-hand, and they create a heavenly colour combination so opt for silver jewellery. This is a fab choice if you’ve got pink wedding flowers too – we’re dreaming of pillow-soft roses and peonies…

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Boho Bridesmaids

If you’re planning a bohemian-inspired wedding, you’ll love our Joni Boho Headband. It’s perfect for bridesmaids and it can go with any style of dress. Whether you’ve gone for Summery floral gowns or cute white shift dresses, it’s bound to look divine. If you really want to go down the boho route, I recommend mixing and matching your bridesmaid dresses. Your girls will still look coordinated, but a little more relaxed and informal. If you want them to wear the same gowns, consider letting your ladies choose their own shoes or hairstyle for a mini mix’n’match trend.

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As you can see, there are so many different bridesmaid styles to choose from so you’ll be spoilt for choice!

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