Angus - small but perfectly formed

November 16 2013

" Introducing Angus, the newest member of the Silver Sixpence family...  "

Some of you may have already picked up on our exciting news via Twitter and Facebook but, in case not, we’d like to introduce you to Angus, the latest addition to the Silver Sixpence family (or the Wellard family, as they are more commonly known).

Angus arrived late at night near the end of October, after putting poor mum Nicola through the wringer for many hours. He is here at last though, a healthy 8lb 1oz and utterly gorgeous. As you can see from the pics, big brother Dougie is pretty taken with him too and is putting in some serious effort into being the best big brother in the world, ever.

So, as a result of her perfect new arrival, Nicola is taking a bit of time off but she’s leaving you in the more than capable hands of the lovely Gemma, who you can read a bit more about just up the page…!

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